Broken Spear

City: Providence
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Styles: Pop, Shoegaze, Hyperpop, Grunge, Emo


Broken Spear is the recording project of Seb Choe.

After a series of punk, synth-pop, and drag projects, Choe donned the Broken Spear moniker to release True (Pedicure Records, 2017), a sample-heavy electronic album described by Seattle Weekly as a “hyper-aggressive music salad... stretched to the point of abstraction or made into a kind of overwhelming pointillism.”

Truth Pieces (Business Casual, 2019) followed, a variety cassette of more polished soundtrack music, accompanied by videos with “myriad recording formats to match the equally complex selection of sonic processes and practices” (AQNB). Spear proceeded to release a series of pop singles with Vera Mist (“Grayzone”, “Poolside”, “Spark”) and Sluurpee (“Dragonflies”).

Spear returns with Pantomime (Noumenal Loom, 2022) whose five songs shuffle the Pacific Northwest guitars of Choe's early music with a palette of cold synths, club rhythms and pop vocals.

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