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Bo Gritz

Bo Gritz

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative, Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Industrial, Electronic, No Wave, Sample
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LP Chroma on June 09, 2023

on since January 14, 2023

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…a grinding, all-out assault that sends blood coursing round the veins.” - Clash Music

Following a near half-decade hiatus, Bo Gritz sound maturer, slicker and more powerful than ever with comeback single ‘Observes and Selects’. Chugging out noise with equal portions of captivation and fear - and harbouring a deep-rooted love for sonic carnage and aural disruption - the three-piece recall the likes of Gilla Band and Snapped Ankles, or The Horrors at their most industrial extremes.

Forming in 2015, the band first made their name with a dynamic live presence on the London gig circuit. Supporting the likes of Bo Ningen and Black Midi along the way, the three-piece released a clutch of raucous EPs and singles - garnering praise from the likes of Clash and Louder Than War - before the pandemic ground operations to a halt.

Now emerging from this hibernation, ‘Observes and Selects’ also marks their signing to cult indie label Glasshouse Records (Mandrake Handshake; For Breakfast), with the promise of more material to follow in the coming year.

Speaking about the track, Guitarist/Vocalist Finn Holland explains: "The lyrics for the song emerged by using cut-up technique. I collected a large bank of words and sentences, collected from many different sources which were then butchered up. Gossip magazines, articles on a murder, manuals from a washing machine were merged and then used to form the lyrics for the songs. ‘Observes and Selects’ (in my view) became something depicting a place confusing and claustrophobic. It’s a short, sharp reintroduction to Bo Gritz, and a taster of things to come.”

Bo Gritz are Finn Holland (guitar, vocals, samples), Max Goulding (percussion, samples) & Benjamin Salt (bass, vocals).

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Stored In The Sky Single

Stored In The Sky

release on March 17, 2023
via Glasshouse Records

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