Blue Bendy

City: South London
Country: UK
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Styles: Art Rock, Indie Rock, Psych
on since November 16, 2020

Six piece group from South East London.

Though originally from ​all different parts of the UK, six-piece Blue Bendy met in South London, where they bonded over a shared love of the bands they now cite as their main influences. With references like Stereolab, Broadcast, Tindersticks, Boards Of Canada, Deerhoof and Arthur Russell to name a few, Blue Bendy’s idiosyncratic music effortlessly weaves guitars and synths, merging electronic and post-rock with whip-smart, brooding lyricism. Their live performances are different each time, with band members swapping instruments and experimenting with different settings. Shows are at times raw and confrontational and at other times mellow, and vocalist Arthur Nolan’s half-spoken vocals are delivered with a knowing, wry smile. The band’s shared sense of humour shines through not only lyrically but is also in the playfulness of the instrumentation, melodies and often interactive performances. In the past couple of years, the band has shared stages with Squid, Omni, Drahla, Tiña and Porridge Radio to name a few.

Source [Spotify]


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