City: Northampton
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Rock, Lofi, Sad, Sad, Sad


Born and raised in the bleak town of Northampton (The home of Bauhaus & Writer Alan Moore), Kailan Price began recording in his bedroom and releasing music under the moniker bloody/bath in 2020 at the age of 23. Originally started as a distraction from his troubled mental health, the songs embody true human emotion. Often displaying themes of isolation, depression & grief.

Moving away from the lo-fi breakup songs such as Arp-87 & Sissy Spacek, his latest single Unholy Cross is a step-forward towards a new era. Inspired by the 80's records shown to him by his late mother, Unholy Cross effortlessly blends post-punk & haunting psychedelia. A track labelled by Louder Than War as " Stop-The-Clocks pop. Music to submerge yourself in. Wallow deep, then count your blessings. Songs that carry your sadness away… like a prayer on the breeze."

"The mood is sombre, the track oscillates with a comforting sense of nostalgia – a melodic embrace that dances with you in the dark". - So Young on Arp-87

"If The Cure created their records in a Northampton bedroom, this is what it would sound like". - Yuck on Sissy Spacek.



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