Blaue Blume

Blaue Blume

City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Danish Alternative Rock, Danish Pop, Art Rock, Alt-Pop
on since February 03, 2023

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The Copenhagen art-rock band embraces a new musical chapter with the release of ‘Crush’ – an irresistible alternative pop-gem out on February 3rd ahead of a big Spring tour and upcoming new EP!

Blaue Blume wave hello to 2023 with optimism and the immensely catchy new single, ‘Crush’. The Copenhagen three-piece – one of the most influential and acclaimed acts to come out of Denmark – introduce a departure from their intricate, art rock endeavors and a more blissful, uplifting chapter on their always exploring journey.

From the very first moment, ‘Crush’ sparkles with its infectious groove and whirling guitars, making the new Blaue Blume-single an irresistible alternative pop-gem, celebrating love with an instant pure melody.

“’Crush’ is pretty much about getting your relationship to sparkle again when you both get stuck in all the practical stuff and everyday life. The song is about dancing and making out again with the one you went out of your way to get, reminding yourself that you really shouldn’t take love for granted. ‘Crush’ is a tribute to girlfriends and boyfriends,” lead singer, Jonas Schmidt, explains.

Along with drummer, Søren Buhl Lassen, and guitarist, Buster Jensen, Blaue Blume is a band of few in Denmark to claim a wide crowd of fans while never letting go of their artistic identity and shared ambition to always challenge one another. So when ‘Crush’, in all its sheer lightness, embraces a direct simplicity, it really is a complex musical move by Jonas, Søren and Buster whose common bond once again shines through.

‘Crush’ will be followed by a brand new Blaue Blume-EP out later this year. This Spring, the band will also embark on a tour of Denmark, hopefully adding more dates abroad in 2023.