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Agar Agar

Agar Agar

City: Paris
Country: France
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Styles: Experimental, Dance
on since October 25, 2022
Player Non Player LP


Cracki Records

Cracki Records, c’est avant tout la réunion de quatre amis qui décident d’agir avec un certain activisme à la fin des années 2000, en s’investissant dans un projet culturel et social, cherchant à partager un certain ​état d’esprit.

Cracki commence en 2009 par organiser des événements dans des lieux atypiques : friches industrielles, musées, gares désaffectées, et parfois même en pleine forêt ou en pleine rue. Peu importe le format de l’évènement, qu’il soit diurne ou nocturne, en plein air ou en intérieur, Cracki cherche à surprendre par une programmation riche et variée dans des lieux hors du commun. L’organisation des événements Cracki est toujours guidée par une convivialité proche d’un esprit de famille, et cela grâce aux membres affiliés au collectif, qui permettent aux projets de voir le jour et de leur donner une dimension humaine.

Depuis 2011, Cracki Records est aussi devenu un label de production musicale. L’éléphant Cracki aime glaner à la recherche de perles et nouveautés, puis se laisser aller à la méditation durant de longues heures d’écoute.

A l’heure où Internet élargit les horizons musicaux, il n’y a pas lieu de rester cantonné dans un même genre. La musique n’a pas de frontières, Cracki Records non plus. La ligne artistique du label est variée, fonctionne au coup de cœur, et a pour volonté de proposer un large panel musical, éclectique et de qualité. Un laboratoire donc, mais aussi un tremplin: l’accompagnement et le développement de jeunes artistes en devenir est notre leitmotiv.

Player Non Player

Player Non Player LP
release on January 20, 2023
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🎧 New Alternative Vibes

Selected Reviews and Comments

They have this weird name: Agar Agar. Agar-agar is a jelly-like dietary product made from boiled algae. As it happens, Armand used to raise ants, feeding them with an agar-agar mix, and has always found it to be an intriguing word. One can imagine all kinds of definitions for agar-agar. As a name, it can conjure up images of anything, from a ridiculous Whole Foods product to a Norwegian black metal band. It reflects what makes the pair so special: ever evolving, a little absurd and always free, with a slightly punk, carefree attitude. Above all, Agar Agar is one of the greatest surprises to come out of France in recent years: a group that no one really saw coming that has succeeded in pulling the perfect heist, with almost no publicity or help from showbiz.

[Better Things PR]

‘The duo proved themselves an act to watch in 2018 thanks to Bultheel’s electronic shoegaze instrumental and Cappagli’s evocative vocals’. - FACT Magazine

‘Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel are pushing the electronic scene in interesting directions with their haunting melodies and infectious loops’ - METAL Magazine

‘On a mission to steal your heart with their catchy future-pop sounds’- i-D

‘They are masters at pushing the boundaries of expectation, utilising synth pop beats and surreal soundscapes’ - Line of Best Fit

French electro-pop duo Agar Agar’s much anticipated sophomore album ‘Player Non Player’ is being released today via Cracki Records. The new album takes us on a journey through rich, experimental and retro synth soundscapes and ethereal and tongue-in-cheek vocals, Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel make music that is at once playful and thought provoking. 

An ethereal introduction to the album, ‘Grass’ is filled with waves of bright and resonant synths, and dance-inducing basslines underneath dark lyrics. Following this is their second single of the year ‘The visit’ lays a bed of hypnotic, driving basslines, letting sparkling synths dance playfully over the top. Clara’s cool yet captivating vocals question the notion of personal space and strangers intruding into your private life. Next is lead single ‘Trouble’ which marked the triumphant return with their trademark oddball pop full of sizzling synths and captivating vocals. Following this is ‘Odile’, a tranquil and rhythmical piece complete with synthesised saxophone tones and haunting repeated vocals from Clara, who asks ‘What’s the point?’. ‘Dragon’ is dark and magical, experimental layering of harmonic vocals and cybernated vocal effects. ‘Dragonlie’ is a haunting love song that recalls images of dark city nights, with spoken word and reverberating, wobbly bass lines.

‘Crave’ marks the start of the second half of the album, an industrial and computerised track with experimental synth sounds and discordant harmonics that build in tension into a screaming vocal line that abruptly ends the track. ‘Fake names’ builds on the dark, digital tone of the album, but the following track ‘No Pressure’ adds contrast with a eccentric, upbeat track recalling retro video game soundtracks with layers of vocal effects. ‘Dude on horse’ is bizarre and surreal, complete with Japanese-language verses that lead into the repetitive chorus, ‘A dude on a horse with no horse’. The penultimate ‘Plaine’ is a rich, layered and expansive instrumental piece, and the final song ‘It’s Over’ brings the album to a melancholic and musically complete end.

"We're really eager to share this project with you. We took the time to make something honest and fun and it's really the first time we feel like our music defines us truly. It really means the world to have the opportunity to share what's inside our hearts with you and we feel so blessed. Thank you so much for being here, for sticking around ! It's been a while and we love you."

Agar Agar formed when Clara and Armand met at art school in Paris. Since then, the pair have gone on to make a name for themselves as one of the most exciting acts in a new wave of French exports. The duo released their debut album ‘The Dog and The Future’ in 2018 on hip French Label Cracki Records to wide acclaim and 100m+ global streams. 

A strong visual identity has always been integral to Agar Agar from album art, videos and live shows. For ‘Trouble’ the band have worked work with video game programmer and designer Jonathan Coryn on the music video. ‘The Visit’ sees another return to form with a unique lyric video and animation. Agar Agar will release their new album in 2023 and plan to bring out a fully playable video game with fans already having had the chance to play a demo version at recent shows in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Istanbul and Paris.

[Practise Music]

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