City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Genre: Dance
Styles: House, Dance, Funk, Electronic
on since November 18, 2021


Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi has served a long and proper musical apprenticeship. Now he is stepping out on his own. He has a fresh and heartfelt sound that brings positive vibrations and good times. It draws on his love of jazz and funk with very modern dynamics.

An Abbacaxi live show takes you on a trip with plenty of emotional peaks and troughs. Playing instruments and synths, looping from a library of his own sounds and singing, he goes from trip-hop to house. Hands-in-the-air moments to singalongs and back again, all with the sort of melodies and top-lines you don't soon forget. "I find it fun to make my guitar sound like a synth," he says. "I express myself more comfortably on the guitar, but love the deep and watery sounds of synthesizers.”

There are floaty-light summer grooves with airy drumming and heavenly vocals. Bubbling deep house rhythms are stuffed with organic sounds, and funky bass riffs make for steamy late-night grooves. They are songs rather than tracks, and are all infused with love, warmth and balmy synths. The subtle but seductive vocals add to the classy good-time feelings. They are the sort of tunes you want to hear on a compact summer festival stage surrounded by greenery, on a beach in Croatia, or a cosy basement club amongst happy smiling faces.

Source [Spotify]