City: South-east London
Country: UK
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Styles: London Rap, Uk Alternative Hip Hop


808INK is a musical duo straight from the South East of London. Consisting of 808Charmer & Mumblez Black Ink the producer / rapper collective merge together to create a sonic experience yet to be recreated. With 808 Charmer controlling production whilst gracing tracks with both raps and vocals, Mumblez primarily fronts this duo with raw and experimental rap techniques bringing a very organic vibe. 808INK are not to be solely boxed into the Hip-Hop genre, as the level of influence within their musicality cannot be denied. 
 808Charmer's roots in Psychedelia, Reggae and Hip-Hop allow him to bring a wide range of textures, sounds, killer hooks and flows to this duo bringing an original approach to UK Rap, partnered with Mumblez unique cadence, this group is set apart from the rest. 808INK believe there are no rules to music, furthermore no rules worth caring to follow. Their beautiful collage of sound brings a fresh and innovative style that has been compared to the likes of Outkast which speaks volumes not only down to the creativity of this collective but also due to the bravery they possess in pushing boundaries and influencing the soundscape of those who bear witness.

on HBN since April 02, 2021