Walt Disco

City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland, UK
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Glam Rock, New Wave, Punk


Walt Disco is the vehicle for our creation, exploration, self affirmation and our insatiable need to be gawked at <3 The band has noticeably expanded recently, and having ex-fans like Charlie and Jack join the ranks shows us that Walt Disco means different things to different people, including ourselves. We all needed a band like Walt Disco at some point in our lives, and now that we've found each other, we can give each other the encouragement, support and belief that we needed at those times. We hope to share that with whoever else in the world needs it too.

Our desire with our music is to create grandiose songs with emotional resonance but always with a touch of the obscure. We're not trying to inspire nostalgia or rely on the familiar, but instead to contextualise the future and what we can create that progresses the music we love. From Scott Walker to Caroline Polacheck, Billy Holiday to Japan, Eric Satie to Young Fathers. We tend to think along similar musical lines, and always know when we have found what works in a song when a smile spreads across everyones face at the same moment. We all tend to be into different things at different times individually, and the music we make is the cross-section of everything we love <3

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How Cool Are You?

Release Date: January 25, 2022

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