City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Pop Folk, Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Dream Pop, Alt-Pop


Tuvaband is the solo project of Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser.

This isn’t actually a band, but a Norwegian solo artist who graces dark canvasses between alternative and indie rock with fluorescent shoegaze sketches. Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser has a vision and is clearly not afraid to use it when writing and producing her own music.

Tuvaband’s debut album Soft Drop saw her write songs that were airy, ghostly and effortlessly cinematic, critically-acclaimed back home in Norway and internationally. The follow-up I 'Entered The Void' (which earned a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy) pushed her sound into rougher, heavier atmospheric rock. 'I Entered The Void' marked a change in sound, mirrored by changes in Tuva’s personal life (a move to Berlin) that fuel its lyrics and themes. It’s a step away from deliberate minimalism of Soft Drop, swapped out for a heavier, more full sound. Recorded with musicians Tobias Pfeil, Håkon Brunborg Kjenstad, and Ole Mofjell, to add the weight and muscle Tuva wanted in her new material.

With her third album on the way, she’s set to take her songwriting to new levels and to adventurously push the boundaries of her musical world.

- Written by Austin Maloney

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Fully Mature Things


1. Fully Mature Things

Fully Mature Things Single

Label: Passions Flames
Release Date: May 07, 2021

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