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City: Brighton
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Brighton Indie, English Indie Rock, Kraut, Alternative, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Punk
You can see this artist live at
Primavera Sound 2022 Barcelona


Squid is a British post-punk band from Brighton, England. They are currently based in London. Squid released their debut EP, Town Centre, in 2019 and have since released two singles on Warp Records.

on HBN since July 16, 2020
Bright Green Field LP


1. Resolution Square
2. G.S.K.
3. Narrator
4. Boy Racers
5. Paddling
6. Documentary Filmmaker
7. 2010
8. The Flyover
9. Peel St.
10. Global Groove
11. Pamphlets

Selected Reviews and Comments

From their very earliest material it was clear to tell that Squid would only be able to truly fulfil their potential when given the canvas of an album, on which to tell a story that ebbs and flows at a pace and route that they dictate. ‘On Bright Green Field’, in all of its weird, frantic and fantastic glory, they’ve gone above and beyond.


Bright Green Field

Label: Warp Records
Release Date: May 07, 2021

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