Selma Higgins

Selma Higgins

City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Singer-Songwriter, Funk, Folk
on since March 03, 2023

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The Danish-Irish talent shines bright on her first new single of 2023 as SelmaHiggins welcomes Spring with the irresistiblefeel of‘Sunlight’. The funkadelicballad is out on March 3rd

Selma Higgins debuted in 2020with an authentic folk-inspired EP-releaserooted in her Nordic and Irishupbringing. The organic feel is ever present in her music and even though she has moved on to a new moresoulful and funky sound, the authenticity still embraces the dusty groove ofher new single,‘Sunlight’.“I’m an energetic and versatile singer and as a songwriter I never limit myself or the people around meinthe studioto follow a specific sound or style. I wanna experiment and challenge myself–andwhether theresult isgoing to besmooth or rough around the edges,I want it to be real, warm and me,”Selma Higginssays.On her first new release in almost three years, Selmareturns with a ballad full of 70’s glamour and funkypop textureswhileshe sings ofbeing trapped by addictionina souring relationship.Selmatells:“’Sunlight’ comes from a personal experience where I found myselfdesperatelysearching for hope inhopeless love. Ironically, the vibe of the song is quite uplifting.I guess it’s because, writing it, I realized Icould only win this battle withinmy head witha bit of self-knowledge and a hell lot of the impenetrablepower of self-irony.”With the release of her debut,‘To the Sincerest from Selma Higgins’, she has already proved to be anhonest artist.And even thoughSelma Higgins isonly 26 years old, ‘Sunlight’ is definitely the sound of amore mature and experiencedyoung woman.