Feeb O' Netchy meets Rev Rev Rev

A reverse trip interview with Modena's 'gazer fuzzed-up band through buzzing flowers and reverbs.

by Andrea Campa - December 04, 2020
  • 1. Name? Why and how did you choose it?

    Rev Rev Rev. Sebastian proposed the name, referring to the reverse (gated) reverb, which is a particular kind of reverb which he was using a lot in our songs. We liked it to be repeated three times, so we assigned the third “Rev” to the French word for dream, rêve, even if we decided to drop the final E and the accent to keep it simple. 
    There was also a meme about this, it's funny because time after time we came to realise so many possible references that we hadn't thought of initially. Artists and/or albums we're totally into, like Martin Rev (Suicide), Reverence (JaMC), Rev (album from Ultra Vivid Scene); and also a reference to revolution – as a political wish and also as the planets revolution, hence alluding to cosmic rock; recurrence - the word “rev” is sort of looped, therefore the band Loop can be mentioned as well, 3 words of 3 letters each therefore some theosophic meaning I can't mention because it's esoteric (and probably I don't know it either) and/or Spacemen 3, each letter recalls the 3rd letter of a great album title (Perfect Prescription, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Loveless). If you're still listening to me, chances are you're a weird guy indeed...   

  • 1. Members? Who is the craziest?

    Sebastian Lugli - guitar, synth
    Laura Iacuzio - vocals, guitar, synth
    Andrea Dall'Omo - bass
    Greta Benatti - drums
    Our cats are the craziest (especially Wesley the red cat!)

  • 2. Home country(ies)? Would you have preferred to be born elsewhere?

    Italy. I think it's not bad all in all, but what about Sealand or Isola delle Rose (RIP)?

  • 3. Year of foundation? Would you have liked to play as a band in another era instead (past or future, both work!)?

    2012, and luckily we got to play live before the Covid era- would be great to play in the post-Covid era as well!

  • 5. Your genre and style, if any? #dontlabelme

    "abrasive, fuzzed-up, and feedback-jammed amalgamation of woozy shoegaze warp, psychedelic noir drone, and corrosive noise rock" (cit. Jen Dan / Big Takeover)

  • 8. Give us one band that you profoundly admire and one that would be perfect to torture you with. #behonestifyoucan :)

    First question: Ringo Deathstarr. Second question: Nickelback 

  • 21. What are your main influences? Give us up to 3 names. Also none works :)

    My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3

  • 34. Do you know Wagyu cows?

    No? --> Google it :)
    Yes? --> OK great! Do you agree with them listening to Mozart while being raised (#fakenews)? Which of your songs would you make Wagyu cows listen to instead?
    Yes but you are Vegetarian or Vegan? --> OK you can swap Wagyu with a special plant of your choice to answer this question, same benefits apparently.

    Buzzing flowers ecstasy, otherwise they'll get upset  

  • 55. Finally, imagine you could have one of your songs or albums "aired" on board a Space Station while orbiting in outer space: which one would you choose and why?

    I think it has to be "Adrift in the chaosmos". Well, you guess why...

Feeb O' Netchy meets Rev Rev Rev