Number One Popstar

City: Los Angeles
Country: United States, California
Genre: Pop, Alternative
Styles: Alternative Pop, New Wave Pop


Name your new music project Number One Popstar and you're destined for failure. That's the idea behind Kate Jean Hollowell's new solo project, a strange new blend of pop with a hint of comedy and an undeniably danceable sound. "I basically wanted to create a project that sounded like Ariel Pink and Dua Lipa had a child who also wanted to be a comedian when they grow up," she shares. As the lead singer of irreverent LA punk band Slut Island, Hollowell noticed their fan's excitement to the band basically trolling the music industry and decided to bring that same energy to Pop music. And thus a Number One Popstar was born.

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Forever 21


1. Forever 21

Forever 21 Single

Label: Number One Popstar
Release Date: April 30, 2021

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