City: Los Angeles
Country: California, USA
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Art Punk, Techno, Ambient, Leftfield, House


Maymind is producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Leo Maymind. Over six releases since 2015, Maymind built sonic worlds of seductive, melancholic bliss and hypnotic grooves peppered with jazzy improvisations. His sound is moody, funky, experimental, 90’s r&b informed bass with cinematic splendor.

Upcoming album June is the culmination of five years in the studio, taking the project in a new direction. Swaying horns, sprawling atmospheres, chopped up samples, and disco and house informed rhythms all mingle together over ten unforgettable tracks.

June’s first single 'Find You’, is a playful hit, with references to 80’s synth, snaking drums and sees Maymind return to the mic with eerie, dreamy vocals.

Recording as Maymind since 2014, Leo Maymind spent years enmeshed in the Brooklyn DIY scene of the mid-late 00’s fronting the dream-pop band Spanish Prisoners. After the release of 2011’s Gold Fools, body music took hold of Maymind’s psyche and in 2015 he went solo with the release of the Detroit techno-inspired EP Prophet with Berlin-based label New Kanada.

A move to Los Angeles in 2016 inspired a swap from laptop to a small tabletop hardware and mixer setup, resulting in improvisatory and fluid jams. Three full albums came out of these sessions—Illumina (Umor Rex, 2017), Cheap Storage (Atlantic Rhythms, 2018), and Contoured Euphoria (Tigerbeat6, 2019).

June is Maymind’s fourth full length album and comes out November 5, 2021.

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Find You


1. Find You

Find You Single

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Label: Maymind Music
Release Date: September 03, 2021

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