Country: Michigan, USA
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Styles: Organic Electronic, Experimental


Kiln are a Michigan-based instrumental collective who originally formed in 1993 under the name Fibreforms. The members of Kiln have maintained a shadowy presence in the world of experimental music and sound art, offering scant biographical information, shunning live performance, and granting few interviews. The trio consists of multi-instrumentalists Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison, and Clark Rehberg III. Under their initial moniker Fibreforms, they made their debut in 1996 with Treedrums, a spatial and moody set of treated guitars and atmospheric textures mixed with live percussion which would become the core of the group's sound. Recording prolifically for a variety of small labels, they adopted the name Kiln in 1998 and eventually found a home with Ghostly International, who released their Sunbox mini-album in 2004. A self-released collection of rarities and obscurities followed two years later and in 2007, Ghostly issued the full-length Dusker, which showcased the group's evolving electro-organic approach, a sound they would further explore on their 2013 LP Meadow:Watt. ~ Timothy Monger, Rovi

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1. Drala Ultra
2. North Bar Lake
3. Cat Paw Spiritual
4. Bvlb
5. Argon Pedestrian
6. Pinyon