Julia Bardo

City: Manchester
Country: Italy, UK
Genre: Alternative, Indie
Styles: Indie Folk, Indie Pop


Julia Bardo’s musical journey began in Brescia in Northern Italy, where she sang and wrote lyrics for a local band between shifts at her father’s bar. A free spirit craving new inspiration, she relocated to Manchester and it was here she developed her striking style as a solo musician before also meeting and joining post-punk band Working Men’s Club. Never losing her strong desire to have full creative control over her music, she returned to become a solo artist again, and her first two EPs are just the start of what is yet to come, as she continues the evolution of her sound through every new release. With her candidly open lyrics illustrating her world through journal-like observations and poetic visions, Julia Bardo is a special talent and an authentic and curious alternative pop star in the making.

on HBN since November 18, 2020
Bauhaus, L'Appartamento


1. The Most
2. No Feeling
3. Into Your Eyes
4. Love Out Of Control
5. The One
6. Do This To Me
7. Impossible
8. It's Okay (To Not Be Okay)
9. The Greatest
10. Goodbye Tomorrow

Selected Reviews and Comments

'serene, surging slowcore'

'Notable is the set's fusion of modern indie pop and vintage '60s pop, rock, and folk sensibilities, which come together under a voice that bears an uncanny resemblance to Natalie Merchant, at least at times.'
[All Music]

'Bauhaus, L’Appartamento is not only an impressive debut album but also an impressive feat of music. Bardo catches the essence of herself and bravely puts her emotions on display for the listener’s (bitter) pleasure, demonstrating that some of the best art comes from not-so-easy places.'
[Beyond The Stage]

Bauhaus, L'Appartamento

Label: Wichita Recordings
Release Date: September 10, 2021

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