Hassan Abou Alam

City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Genre: Dance
Styles: Experimental, House, Jungle, Techno


Hassan Abou Alam is one of Egypt’s musical exports, steadily publishing his work since 2008 on diverse labels such as Casa Voyager and Naive. More recently, he featured on Violet’s Naivety label; his EP "T44"climbed BandCamp’s best selling list just a few days after the release.

The past six years, Hassan has been playing around with his gear, forging multiple live performances. A hard to pin down sound that utilizes analog and digital instruments, a form of organized chaos that he portrays with extreme finesse—his Boiler Room set last year is testament to his genre bending capabilities. Through Red Bull’s RBMA Abou Alam was given a chance to mingle musically with the ancient people of Luxor. The result? A phenomenal live performance in Cairo two years ago fusing traditional folklore with electronica, successfully pinning him as one of Egypt’s most versatile musicians.

His sound as a DJ is constantly evolving, springing to life through the crevices of house, breaks, noise, bass, grime, techno and more.

on HBN since September 10, 2021
It Spills


1. It Spills
2. Unkindled
3. Breathe
4. Khamaseen
5. All Used Up

It Spills EP

Label: Naive
Release Date: September 10, 2021

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