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Guest Singer

Guest Singer

City: Doncaster
Country: UK
Genre: Pop
Styles: Dark Pop, Synthpop, Alternative
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EP Divine Psychic Hotline on April 26, 2023

on since January 25, 2023

Selected Reviews and Comments

“Now Hear This” The Independent

“off-kilter and intelligent introspection” The Line of Best Fit 

“a dreamy escape” DIY Magazine

“off-piste pop for the after-party crew” CLASH

“eminently catchy” DORK Magazine 

Doncaster duo Guest Singer announce new EP Divine Psychic Hotline - out through MNRK MUSIC GROUP on April 26th. New single ‘Puppy’ out now.

Puppy’ is a quintessential example into the duo’s world, sonically and thematically. Made up of Jake Cope and France Lahmar they compose dark party songs -  taut pop hooks, glitchy bass lines, new wave guitar stabs and electronic dance are soaked in the combustible elegance of Cope’s vocal delivery. On this latest single he is exploring the naturally ingrained vs. cynically intentional nature of human goodwill: 

“This came from my reading of Humankind by Rutger Bergman. In it he talks about the rise of the Homo Puppy and raises the idea that we have been bred to be inherently good. I guess the song questions whether that is the case, or whether we have learnt to use kindness to ensure there is something in it for us.” 

They fall in-line with retro-modern contemporaries like Nation of LanguageW.H Lung and Working Men’s Club in terms of both sound and offbeat societal observations - following also in the lineage of LCD Soundsystem and Animal Collective’s art-rock sensibilities. 

Having shaped ideas and dug the foundations of songs in social isolation, Jake CopeFrance Lamar and producer Matt Peel take the raw materials to the studio with one intent: “The objective was to try and cement the notion of the sad banger.”  

The duo’s enigmatic nature is intentional, without being severe. As they explain:  

“It’s always been a fun idea to be able to offer a bit of mystery to how we present ourselves. Expectations from the name, on how we sound etc.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing to make the intrigued work a little. When they realise what it is, then comes the surprise or the disappointment. Both is welcome. As is life really. “ 

Two previous EPs – 2019s ‘I’m Irrelevant Now’ and 2020s ‘Limbo Days’ – won fans at The BBC, DIY, Loud & Quiet, Dork, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, Fred Perry, David Dean Burkhart and Amazing Radio. A mainstay of BBC Introducing in the north, Guest Singer have recorded sessions and played festival stages for the corporation.  

Divine Psychic Hotline the new EP from Guest Singer is out April 26th - trailed by new single ‘Puppy'.

Guest Singer is the brainchild of Doncaster based Jake Cope and co-writer France Lahmar. Live, the duo are joined by electro cohorts Max Hodkingson (keys & sampler) and Paul Burdett (Guitar).  

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Guest Singer releases

Divine Psychic Hotline Single

Divine Psychic Hotline

release on January 25, 2023
via MNRK Music

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