Griffith James

City: Los Angeles
Country: California, USA
Genre: Indie
Styles: Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock


Written at the end of a tumultuous open marriage that began with evangelical Christian origins, “Jesus Honey”, Griffith James latest single, is an anthemic statement on the healing power of sacrilege and the destructive nature of religion and dogma. In Griffith James’ whirling bender that is “Jesus Honey”, darkness plays as a jailbreak to the religious extremism of his youth. Griffith explores the abuse of indoctrination and sees the catalyst towards freedom in a red-lit subterranean ride along the edge. In this world, the specific vices are less important than an acknowledgment of their inherence. Contrary to his Christian orthodox, spiritual freedom is found in the acceptance of self and the rejection of institutions. This ultimately played out in his failed marriage — that started as a pious attempt to reclaim his childhood religion, but ended as a Bacchian overthrow that he still considers one of the best years of his life.

on HBN since August 30, 2021
Comfortably High


1. Comfortably High
2. Islands 666
3. Market and Black (feat. Tennis)
4. Jesus Honey
5. Bloodletter
6. Obscene Boy
7. Sunbather
8. Any Day

Comfortably High

Label: Griffith James
Release Date: September 17, 2021

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