Fort Romeau

City: Berlin
Country: Germany, UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Float House, Microhouse, Tech House


Since debuting in 2012, British producer Michael Greene aka Fort Romeau has developed a unique take on dancefloor music, fusing elements of house, kraut, ambient, disco, and techno.

Following his first album, Kingdoms (100% Silk), Greene signed to Ghostly International to release 2015’s Insides. Met with considerable acclaim, the album launched Greene into nearly five years of playing and DJing all over the world and regularly at some of Europe’s most revered club spaces. In that time he started his own label Cin Cin, sharing split EPs from established names and newcomers alike and released singles and EPs on labels such as Live At Robert Johnson, Permanent Vacation, Phantasy Sound, and Running Back. His work also appeared on compilations from Rush Hour, Cocoon, Correspondant, and Mule Musiq.

While a prolific DJ who orients many of his productions for the club, Greene still sees the album as the ultimate statement of intent, "a space to stretch out, to speak in full paragraphs rather than stunted sentences." Faced with the extended pause to the dance community in 2020, Greene felt compelled to focus on a larger body of work. Embracing a back-to-basics mentality, he amassed over a dozen hours of sounds, asking himself throughout the sessions: “Does the music move you? Is it honest?” He came out the other end with Beings of Light, his most ambitious and complete record to date, a love letter to dance music coded with a message of hope. It arrives on Ghostly in 2022.

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on HBN since February 11, 2022
Beings of Light LP


1. Untitled IV
2. The Truth
3. Power of Grace
4. Spotlights
5. (In The) Rain
6. Ramona
7. Porta Coeli
8. Beings of Light

Beings of Light

Label: Ghostly International
Release Date: February 11, 2022