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'Drama follows us'

by Luisa - October 24, 2023

Hallo and welcome to Hashbrandnew's BEHIND THE MUSIC: Exclusive Interviews With Your Next Favourite New Bands!

Today you get acquainted with the anglo-maltese act ĠENN.

"UNUM," the debut album from the quartet, embodies the concept of oneness and unity. Comprising four distinct influences and identities, this album reflects a remarkable evolution. Following their 2021 debut EP "Liminal," which emerged from the challenges of the pandemic, "UNUM" symbolizes the long-awaited togetherness of the band's four best friends.

ĠENN's individuality has always been their strength. Guitarist Janelle Borg explores neo-psychedelic rock and post-punk, while bassist Leanne Zammit balances prog-bass and jazz influences. Drummer Sofia Rosa Cooper , with a background in jazz and blues, embraces a psychedelic approach, and Leona Farrugia's vocals channel Eastern vocal tones from her native Malta.

The band consistently grapples with the feeling of being outsiders, driven by their unique backgrounds. Their diverse identities are intertwined with questions of selfhood, identity, and ancestry. "UNUM" is a reflection of their quest for identity.

Founded a decade ago and now Brighton-based, ĠENN has established deep bonds as a sisterhood. Their independence is evident through lead vocalist Leona's creation of their visual world and the formation of the Liminal Collective for music releases.

In essence, "UNUM" is a captivating blend of distinct influences, a testament to unity, and a celebration of the band's determination to preserve their individuality while exploring their shared identity and the quest for selfhood.

'Drama follows us'
Jordan Core