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City: Frankfurt
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Balearic, Deep House, Deep Soul House, Float House, Frankfurt Electronic, Nu Disco
on since February 15, 2021

Lauer releases

Wilison Single


release on February 21, 2023
via Playground Records

Otto Zero EP EP

Otto Zero EP

release on February 10, 2023
via Public Release Recordings

PPJ - Dar Um (Remix) Single

PPJ - Dar Um (Remix)

release on September 21, 2022
via Recherche & Développement / R&D

Cyclone Days LP

Cyclone Days

release on September 02, 2022
via Running Back

Somebody (Vocal Radio Edit) Single

Somebody (Vocal Radio Edit)

release on August 12, 2022
via Running Back

Higher Planes (Lauer Edit) Single

Higher Planes (Lauer Edit)

release on July 29, 2022
via Jirafa Records

Comeback EP


release on June 03, 2022

Abisko (Lauer Remix) Single

Abisko (Lauer Remix)

release on May 27, 2022
via Turbolenz Records

Dimmo Single


release on May 20, 2022
via Drumpoet Community

Sosiego - Lauer Remix Single

Sosiego - Lauer Remix

release on April 15, 2022
via BeatFreak Recordings

Michelada Brothers Single

Michelada Brothers

release on April 04, 2022
via Creatures Of The Night

Byecek Long Mix Single

Byecek Long Mix

release on March 18, 2022
via MusicHub

Make It Stay (Prins Thomas Remix) Single

Make It Stay (Prins Thomas Remix)

release on February 25, 2022
via Permanent Vacation

Answers 2 Trouble Remixes

Answers 2 Trouble Remixes

release on February 25, 2022
via Permanent Vacation

Pioneer Housing Area Single

Pioneer Housing Area

release on December 10, 2021
via AVA. Records

No More Push-Backs (Chloé Remix) Single

No More Push-Backs (Chloé Remix)

release on December 03, 2021
via Permanent Vacation

Offset Pat Single

Offset Pat

release on November 05, 2021
via Futureboogie

Little Drummer Boy (Lauer Remix) Single

Little Drummer Boy (Lauer Remix)

release on October 08, 2021
via Permanent Vacation

My Magic Number (Lauer Remixes) Single

My Magic Number (Lauer Remixes)

release on October 05, 2021
via AAA Battery

Altalenanti (Radio Slave Remix) Single

Altalenanti (Radio Slave Remix)

release on September 10, 2021
via Permanent Vacation

Midnight Man (Lauer Remix) Single

Midnight Man (Lauer Remix)

release on August 20, 2021
via Feines Tier

Make It Stay (Gerd Janson Remix) Single

Make It Stay (Gerd Janson Remix)

release on May 07, 2021
via Permanent Vacation

Espetáculos Extraordinários (Lauer Remix) Single

Espetáculos Extraordinários (Lauer Remix)

release on April 30, 2021
via DGTL

Altalenanti Single


release on February 12, 2021
via Permanent Vacation

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